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Suite of Services

Planning a tax strategy for your business requires the concentrated effort of a tax specialist working for you. Given the complex nature of the Canadian Tax System, it only makes sense that business owners are relying more and more on professional services now more than ever.

Whether you are a new or seasoned business, Calgary Tax Consulting utilizes a “Suite of Services” specifically designed to optimize your operations and give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. Our clientele ranges from sole proprietors to partnerships and corporate entities across all sectors.

Our “Suite of Services”

Personalized & Confidential Service

Business owners we speak to on a daily basis make it very clear they have experienced a distinct lack of personalized service in the “accounting” industry at one time or another. Many felt they were looked upon as nothing more than a number in a filing cabinet and about the only time they had contact with their accountant or tax preparer was at tax time. We feel we have a better understanding of our client’s businesses through regular communication.

We are available throughout the year for consultations over the phone or face to face meetings at your convenience and are committed to providing you with the answers you need quickly and efficiently.


Year Round Tax Consultation and Advice

Inevitably, there are questions throughout the year regarding your personal or corporate tax situation. It’s nice to know that you can contact your personal tax strategist and get an answer that is specific to you and your situation quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, many rely on friends and business associates to give them the answers, when if fact, they should rely on the professionals who have years of tax experience and understand their tax situation fully.

We encourage our clients to take advantage of this service, it is after all included in the one time annual fee.


A Written Guarantee

At CTC we not only “talk the talk”, we “walk the walk” in that if an error on our part causes a CRA penalty to be imposed, we will refund up to the total amount of your fees paid to cover the penalty.

Like yours, our business depends on placing our clients’ needs first.


Our comprehensive “Suite of Services” has been specifically designed by business owners, for business owners to provide them with a distinct operating advantage, at an affordable price.

In addition to the “Suite of Services" above, we can offer advice and strategies for other issues as well, such as: Proactively providing you with updates on tax changes that may affect you or your business, and much more. Learn about how our “Suite of Services” can benefit you and your business!

We offer our clients assurance services through NSPC.

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