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Calgary Tax Consulting is a full-service accounting firm committed to providing a wide range of tax services.
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We will invite the auditor to our office, provide a place for the audit to be conducted, and will be there to answer any question he or she may have on your behalf. By doing so we relieve you of the anxiety and frustration associated with audits, and leave you to do what you do best, which is run your business.
During a bookkeeping review, our focus is to make sure that your books comply with all CRA rules and regulations and that they are supplying you with the information you need to make informed day-to-day management decisions.
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By understanding where you’ve been and what your goals are for the future, we are in a position to prepare optimized, tailored tax returns for you and your business. If everyone’s business was the same, then a “cookie cutter” approach for doing their taxes would be acceptable.
Your CTC tax specialist will not only prepare your financial statements for you but will review them with you so you fully understand the information they are providing.
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Personal Tax

As personal tax accountants in Calgary, we will prepare your individual personal taxes. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and adjust our tax-saving and income protection strategies accordingly.
By reviewing your prior year’s tax returns, notice of assessment, and financial statements we establish a framework that allows us to begin the process of moving both you and your company into the least taxable position possible.
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How could you minimize tax exposure by splitting your income with your family members and how much? Your CTC tax specialist will discuss all of the options available to you to insure you are given every advantage to further reduce your tax burden.
Whether you are thinking of restructuring your business, increasing or decreasing inventories, leasing, buying, or simply re-examining your asset depreciation allowances, we are here to consult. Each year, your plan will be reviewed before your year end, so appropriate changes to your long term plan be made if need be.
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