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Wage Analysis (Bonus vs. Wages vs. Dividends)

Bonuses? Wages? Dividends?

How are you as the owner of your business paying yourself and are you doing it in the least taxable way possible?

Have you ever wondered to pay yourself salary or a dividend and how much?

How could you minimize tax exposure by splitting you income with your family members and how much?

What is capital gains and when and how to trigger it?

Your CTC tax specialist will discuss all of the options available to you to insure you are given every advantage to further reduce your tax burden.

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We Have Professionals with In-Depth Expertise

Our professionals have in-depth taxation and operations expertise in many industries including construction, real estate, medical professional, and retail etc. Please contact us for latest CRA updates and current best practices.

Our team includes designated and skilled professionals from CPA Alberta


Our team provides best practices and efficient strategic planning for your business.

CTC is doing our payroll from past four years. They always are accurate and are on time even though we have large team with high turn over. The staff is very patient with all the changes, even with last minute request. Thank you CTC. Chris

We listen to you, pen down your requirements, and objectives and take required documents.


We bring the right people together, evaluate best tax planning, process data accurately and align your objectives.


We sit down with the results explaining the best course of action and findings to achieve your goals.


We do our final review after discussion then file and coordinate with CRA.


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It’s nice to know that in the event of an audit you have a company that is on your side and at no extra cost.
By understanding where you’ve been and what your goals are for the future.
A Review of your Bookkeeping Practices
Do you know what your financial statements are really telling you?

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